Back Row: Ryan, Donna, Bev, Cherrod, James, Don, Michael, Mark, Everett

Middle Row: Jeffrey, Dennis, Tito, Valerie, Shaun, Stoney

Front Row; Thomas, Cory, Flint,  Manuel, Chris

Waste Management in Muskogee



Jay Wallace is the new Dispatcher and Office Manager as Bev Weaver slowly phases out to pasture, we mean retirement. Jay has lived in Oklahoma his entire life and is married to another Oklahoma native, Lindsay Wallace. WDS is proud that Jay is a member of the Marine Reserves, specializing as an Artillery Fire Direction Controlman.  In his free time, Jay enjoys spending time outdoors, working out, going to the movies, shooting, bowling, discovering new places to eat, and sporting events. He also hopes to someday run a marathon and try skydiving.


Shane Hyson has been at WDS since the summer of 2017, and is our newest mechanic. Shane was born at Fort Carson Military Base in Colorado, but was raised primarily in Arizona. We're not sure how, but even as an Arizona native he's never managed to visit the Grand Canyon. He graduated from both Warner High School and the Indian Capitol Vo-Tech mechanics program. In his free time Shane likes to modify trucks and compete in tractor pulls. Shane also has such a love for chocolate cream pie that it has earned him the nickname "Pie" around WDS. 



Dennis Bruce is in his ninth year with WDS.  He’s a self taught mechanic but has learned a great deal since coming on with the company.  Dennis recently obtained his welding certificate from Indian Capitol Vo Tech and now plans to pursue electrical trainin.  Dennis is married to Michelle and has two sons.  He loves motorcycles, traveling, foosball, and talking about spiritual things. Dennis is the happy go lucky employee who loves to help people and keep them laughing.  He wishes he had a dollar for every time that someone has commented about his beard.  His response? “I grew it myself.”  ​​



Donna Crotty was placed into the roll of President of WDS upon the sudden death of Steve Whittinghill in 2015. She enjoys each work day with the incredible team of people at WDS. Donna is the Organizer in Chief and Head List Maker. In her first year at the company she has been restructuring the organization and cheerleading the team (thankfully she had some previous experience as a pom pom girl). Donna has a totally unrelated degree in Food Science from Michigan State University (Go Spartans!) and spent 16 years homeschooling her three children, Julie, Jessica, and John. In her spare time she enjoys studying God’s Word, gardening, traveling, and skeet shooting. She also dearly loves her granddaughters, Zoey and Emma. ​​


Don Goad has driven a WDS truck for almost 24 years and is our “senior” employee in that respect. We really cannot believe that we haven't scared him off in all that time, especially considering that he has been the "innocent" victim of many pranks concocted by the mechanics. Don was born and raised in Muskogee and as he says, “I have never gotten out of the pond.”  He is married to Bertha and they have four daughters and five grandchildren. Don enjoys square dancing, looking at old architecture, and DIY projects. He loves cars from the 50’s and 60’s especially old Chevys.  Even though Don is mild mannered at work, in his off hours, believe it or not, he is an Elvis impersonator.


Bev Weaver is the face and voice of WDS and her friendly manner has kept customers coming back for years. Bev has worked as the office manager and dispatcher since 1999, but also performs a variety of other jobs. Bev is “mother” to all the employees; affectionately known as the “Nagger in Chief.” She is responsible for prodding the drivers and keeping everyone on task. Bev has been married to Bob for 34 years and has two daughters and and two grandchildren. In her spare time she enjoys gardening, square dancing, reading, and shopping. She claims she wasn't ever a hippie, but she did see The Who in concert in California, so that's up for debate.


Stoney Shamblin has been a mechanic with WDS for 21 years, but he also does excavating and all manner of groundwork for the company. He operates the heavy equipment around WDS, and before working for us he built highways and worked in a rock quarry. Stoney was named after Stoney Burke the TV star.  He is married to Sheila, who brings him a Sonic iced tea most every morning on her way to work.  Together they have three daughters and five grandchildren.  His hobbies involve anything having to to with John Deere tractors, and his diesel shop is his man cave. Stoney can't swim, but if you threw a Snickers bar into a pool, he might just try. 



Tito Armenta has worked for WDS for almost 14 years and we are blessed to have him.  He is currently over our recycling department and does a wonderful job keeping things running smoothly.  Before coming to WDS, Tito toured for 12 years with a popular band in Mexico.  He is quite the talented musician playing many instruments including the guitar, accordion, saxophone, trumpet, clarinet, bass guitar, and piano - he also has a beautiful voice and serenades us in Spanish.  Tito is married to his sweetheart Marisela, and in his spare time he enjoys playing with his two dogs.


Jeffrey Jones has been with WDS for almost 9 years.  He started with the company in the recycle department. After getting his Commercial Drivers License (CDL), he began driving roll-off trucks for the company and has since started driving front-end loader trucks as well.  Jeffrey takes his job very seriously and is a great customer service representative while he’s out on calls. He was born in Ft Smith, AR and raised in Muskogee.  He previously attended school in Boynton and played on their basketball team. Jeffrey is a real family man - he’s married to Crystle and they have four children.  Jeffrey enjoys anything having to do with the outdoors but especially likes to bow hunt and fish. He enjoys working on cars when he’s not eating his favorite food which is meatloaf (but it has to be Crystle’s meatloaf).


Thomas Faulk has been the Vice President and General Manager of WDS for 19 years. Thomas oversees operations, sales, recycle, office, human resources, and troubleshoots customer issues. He is an expert at figuring out just what the customer needs. Thomas has a BBA from Baylor University in Business Administration. He also has a Master’s Degree in Management with an international focus from Thunderbird Graduate School of International Business. Thomas speaks fluent Spanish along with Thai. He has been married to Chandra for 19 years (Donna Whittinghill matched them up - just sayin) and has four children. In his spare time he enjoys hunting, various church activities, and salsa dancing. Yes, you read that right. 


​Skinny came to WDS in April 2016. Donna had heard rumors that if you work in the trash business long enough you will eventually come across one of everything. The one thing that she had never found in the trash was a she bought one as a mascot! Skinny is single and he loves long walks around the landfill. He also enjoys dressing up for all the different holidays. If you stop by our office you might see him helping out somewhere!


Michael Mooreland is over all the wood processing at WDS, thus he is guaranteed a job for the rest of his life.  Michael is originally from Braggs, OK, and is newly married to his wife Michale.  Michael loves to fish for catfish; the biggest one he ever caught was around 30 pounds.  He enjoys spending time with his and Michale's families, and also loves hot rod cars and trucks. Michael plans on going to see the infamous Garage Monkeys in Dallas someday​​. 



Valerie Martin has worked for WDS since 2007. After you speak with Valerie you will have a much better day! She has the voice of an angel and is an excellent Customer Service Representative. Valerie wears a variety of hats in the office as well as dispatching and taking care of walk-in customers. Valerie has been married to Greg for 24 years and has two daughters and four grandchildren. She enjoys working with her hands by crocheting, leather crafting, painting, construction, and working on cars. We are pretty sure that there's nothing she can't do!


​​Shaun Crotty is the head mechanic for WDS and has been with the company for nearly 22 years. He worked on Whittinghill trucks through another company for eleven years before that. (Apparently he is a glutton for punishment.)  Shaun is a graduate of OSU Diesel Technology school and has completed other training for compactors and heavy equipment.  He also has an electrical background, along with welding and is one of the outstanding practical jokesters of the company. He and the other mechanics plan to someday write a book of the tricks they have pulled on the WDS drivers.   Shaun enjoys restoring classic cars and is currently building a 1969 Ford Mustang from the ground up.  Shaun lives in Oktaha and is the father of a beautiful daughter.


Marc Taylor is married to Donetta and has five beautiful children.  Marc has lived in Muskogee all of his life - he even played football for the Muskogee Roughers and then went on to play defensive cornerback for a semi pro football team that was in Tulsa at one time. Marc enjoys hanging out with his family and just being at home watching action movies.  Marc’s laugh is contagious; there is never a dull moment when he is around. Marc just celebrated his eleventh anniversary with WDS and we are so glad to have him on board.


Everett Gullett was born in Edmond, OK but eventually moved to Park Hill to be closer to his family. Everett worked for the city of Edmond for 17 years in the sanitation department as well as being an assistant Park Department supervisor, overseeing all of the mowing of the Edmond parks.  Everett is now the head Front End Load Driver for WDS and has a great rapport with our many FEL customers.   He is also a roll-off driver and welder and is going into his 15th year of service with WDS. Everett has been married to Teresa for 23 years.  They have five children, seven grandchildren, and another grandchild on the way. Everett enjoys fishing and hunting with his beagles, Boo and Shoo.  Also in his spare time he enjoys working on DIY projects, tinkering around his shop, and landscaping his yard.



Dakota Reeves is the youngest member of the WDS working team, and the newest addition to our recycle crew. Dakota was born in Van Buren, Arkansas and is just about to finish his last year of high school. When he's not working, Dakota loves to fish, kayak, and hunt white-tail deer. He also enjoys photography and working on his truck. Dakota eventually wants to pursue a career as a game warden. Between Dakota and Skinny Lamar, it's hard to tell which one of them is the more talkative member of our team.


6000 S Cherokee St, Muskogee, OK, 74403